Welcome to
Freya V. Locke - Dog Behaviourist | Author | Blogger.


Welcome to Freya V. Locke - Dog Behaviourist | Author | Blogger

Here, you will find lots of canine content - including behaviour and training advice, for those of you whose dogs need a little support.

You will also find lots of my thoughts about life, stuff behind the scenes of my businesses, and bits that will make you chuckle.

If you live near Newmarket in Suffolk, you might also be interested in our 121 Behaviour Support and Training Services - Book a Free Call with me here.

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I spend many, many hours researching and creating content for dogparents whose dogs are struggling. Not everyone can afford a behaviourist, especially in these cost-of-living crisis times, so I give a lot of information and help either free or through my very inexpensive online school.

Every penny you might consider giving me means I can continue to support those who are in difficulty in this way by helping me with things like website bills, CPD to keep on top of the latest learning, and keeping me in coffee while I create resources.

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I write about dogs, family, life and solopreneurship. But mainly dogs.


Dog Behaviourist & Trainer | Author | Blogger. Owner and founder of The Fun Not Fear® Club